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7 Day Ban!

2009-04-21 23:47:27 by Vociferousmime

I love you too Zerok!


2009-04-18 01:48:46 by Vociferousmime

My first flash to breach the 3.00 was Fatal Attraction at 10:41pm April 17th. I know that is only a 60% (D) but it is not a failing grade! Fortunately, I have never had a submission blammed or even enter the 1.00 region. I believe that with hard work and determination (both of which I lack) I will be able to some day make it to the old 4.00. Maybe even front page! (Shoot for the stars!) Anyways, thank you for your criticism, and keep it up! Now, this doesn't mean calling me a fag, I'm talking about telling me how to improve my flash to make it top notch. Anyways, no one has probably read down to this part due to the large numbers of members with ADHD, but I guess I'm gonna get cracking on my next flash, one that will include a pest of a plant with three leaves. Toodles!

New Flash

2009-03-07 17:21:26 by Vociferousmime

I have been working on a flash for a while now, and it includes planes, islands, brits, and a very annoying game. A soon as I get a voice actor for the last bit, It will be submitted for your eyes to molest.


2009-01-06 22:52:27 by Vociferousmime

I was just lurking the bbs when I stumbled upon this
I think Jonas is my favorite mod

The Color Macchine

2008-12-31 16:37:51 by Vociferousmime

My latest flash! I think its cool, but thats cuz I made it lol
anyways, vote on it and review it!

It's time..

2008-11-07 01:19:48 by Vociferousmime

I'm just gonna start poopin' em out until they start to get significantly better. Practice makes perfect!

It has been submitted.

2008-11-03 21:34:53 by Vociferousmime

It is now up to you to decide whether it lives or dies. so, please give it a chance! I know it sucks, but hey, IM NEW TO THIS!! hopefully i will someday make stuff that gets front page, but i dont expect that to happen anytime soon.


2008-11-02 02:20:01 by Vociferousmime

I just got around to making my first flash after some practice, and It will be released probably at the end of next weekend. It has no dialogue, because you don't really need any, all I will say is that it will be very ironic, and deeply reflects my sense of humor.


2008-05-20 23:49:43 by Vociferousmime

My first flash, and its still far from finished, i havent quite come up with a deadline yet, but expect it soon.
Postponed for a while I have decided to brush up on my flash skill a little before I make some stick figures rolling around and call it "horny aardvarks" or something