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Banned again

2012-03-08 01:55:04 by Vociferousmime

I like how the mods get on little power trips and ban people whilst viciously masturbating, just LOOKING for a reason to ban whoever they want. I feel kinda sorry for them, like its their entire existence and what they live for.

Banned again

What next?

2011-08-07 16:18:27 by Vociferousmime

I have already done everything there is to do on this god forsaken hell hole we call earth, what do I do next? Suggestions?


2011-03-06 21:12:01 by Vociferousmime

Are you fucking serious? I am banned yet again, and just for posting in a stupid thread. That is rediculous.


Booster shot got me sick

2011-02-25 20:57:42 by Vociferousmime

I just got the Tdap, which is a booster shot for whooping cough and Tetanus and stuff, and guess what? I'm sick as a fucking dog laying in bed sweating my ass off wishing I was dead. This sucks dick, these things are supposed to PREVENT shit like this. Also to make things worse I found out that getting sick off of the Tdap can lead to paralysis. Are you fucking joking? That is some scary shit, count me the fuck out.

5 days left on my ban

2011-02-24 01:17:04 by Vociferousmime

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Also you should check out the weird drawing I made in the art portal.

Banned for 7 fucking days

2011-02-22 14:16:53 by Vociferousmime

I can't believe this shit. Banned for saying a thread was going to get locked. Poozy is a fucking asshole and he can suck my banished cock.

I'm back

2011-02-14 21:12:21 by Vociferousmime

Its been a while since I have been on newgrounds, not that anyone gives a flying fuck, but hey! I'm still here! I might even make a flash if your lucky.


2009-10-06 22:21:29 by Vociferousmime

Fuck you you little gay niglets! You think banning me will silence me! You was wrong CUNT! LAWLAWL suck it. 3 days to go muthafuckas.


2009-09-08 19:26:43 by Vociferousmime

Havent posted anything in a long long time, so just checking in to say i still exist... not that it really matters.


2009-04-23 01:17:57 by Vociferousmime

My school is currently going through standardised testing, so no homework!! :D
This means I can spend more time developing flash. The "piece" i am currently working on is an informative instruction guide on how NOT to get poison oak. I hope you will all like it, and it should be done by the end of next week.
In other news, if anyone needs voice acting I just got a new mic and can do many voices, so drop me a line! Please!